About Us

Our rich aromas and fresh exotic flavors will feed your hunger and imagination together. The food comes alive & begins to delight your taste buds.

Our Motto

Enjoy Great Food Anywhere Any Time of the Day!

Every great idea begins with a dream, a passion to achieve it, a lot of hard work and finally the kind of innovation which leaves customers happy and wanting more. At COCO Wings on Waffles, we have used the exact same formula to bring the best Wings on Waffles to our customers.

Our Products

Our waffle dough is handmade using very secret ingredients and an experimented recipe to make sure they are finest and yummiest. They can be delicious on their own, and can also be served with crispy wings or with various sweet toppings, ranging from syrups, nutella, chocolate sauce, a scoop of ice-cream, freshly whipped cream or fresh fruits just to name a few of our favorites. We do not use any artificial flavourings or preservatives. Our waffles are Halal certified and also suitable for vegetarians.

Our story

Our owner, Chef Jay, is also a Senior Chef with many years of working experience in one of the world’s best restaurants, In an attempt to create the world’s best Wings and Waffles, he tried & tested many creative & delicious ideas and experimented with various cooking techniques of waffles & chicken. Luckily, in this process, he found a special old book of recipe for chicken wings on waffles. Furthermore, he experimented a bit with this old special recipe and found one of the best recipes of Wings on Waffles. His experiments were extremely liked and encouraged by everyone.

Finally,  Chef Jay found the best recipe and decided to share it with the world resulting in the successful COCO Wings on Waffles. Together with his life partner, he launched this takeaway food business with a mission to serve the best wings on waffles across the UK.

After the huge demand and popularity of our Wings on Waffles, we gradually filled our menu with many other exciting and irresistible food items and today we serve different styles of wings, chicken strips, dessert waffles, ice-creams, milkshakes, & much more all over the U.K. You name it and we will deliver it to your doorstep at the perfect right time.

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